Before and After Gallery 



Ted Before

Cameron Khawaja Beg


 Ted After

Cameron Khawaja After


 Alice Before

Maggie Zhang Beg Smile


                                    Alice After  

Caitlyn Ledgard Final Smile


 Sue Before

Maggie Zhang Beg Smile


 Sue After

Maggie Zhang Final Smile


 Daren Before

Kevin Yin Beg Smile

 Daren After

Kevin Yin Final Smile

After 4+ years out of Treatment


Jenny Before

Katie mod bef


 Jenny After

Katie Mittleider Final


Alice Before

 Alice After

 Maryann BeforeBlyth egan before smile

 Maryann AfterBlyth Egan After smile larger

 Kyle BeforeDrew Kerwin Before Smile

                     Kyle After                       Drew Kerwin Final Smile



Monica Before Leslie Gargas Beg smile

 Monica AfterLeslie Gargas Final Smile

 Britt BeforeMira Kim Bef Smile

Britt After
Mira Kim After Smile

 Tony BeforeChris LeTourneau Beg Smile


 Tony After

Chris LeTourneau Final Smile



Nick has inadequate space for his permanent teeth.  The upper and lower arches were widened in Phase I to create space for erruption of the permanent teeth.  In Phase II the final alignment and bite were achieved. NO permanent teeth were removed.

Kyle Before Phase I

Cameron Yagouthi Beg Smile


 Kyle Before Phase II

Cameron Yagouti PH II Beg Smile


 Kyle After

Cameron Yaghouti Final smile

Lisa Before Phase I

Lindy Villaponteau Beg Phase I

 Lisa Before Phase II

Lindy Villaponteau Beg Phase II

 Lisa After


Lilly Before Phase I

Sarah Stafford Beg Smile

 Lilly Before Phase II

Sara Stafford Phase II Prog Smile

 Lilly After


Ava Before Phase I

Ellie McCue Beg Ph I

Ava Before Phase II

Ellie Bef Pha II

 Ava After

Ellie McCue Final

 Cameron Before Phase ICarsonAngelbegsmile
 Cameron Before Phase IICarson Angel Phase I.
              Cameron AfterFinal Carson Angel
 Lilly Before Phase IKruger Beg Smile
 Lilly Before Phase IIMadison Kruger Beg Phase II Smile
 Lilly AfterMadison Kruger Final Smile

Christine Before Phase I

Claressa Slaughter Before Braces Ph I

 Christine Before Phase II

Clorissa Slaughter - Before Braces PH II

 Christine 10+ years After Treatment

Claressa Slaughter After Braces Years Later