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Surgical Orthodontics in San Diego

San Diego Orthodontist

Surgical orthodontics refer to a method designed to correct a problem where your jaws are misaligned. When your bite is off and not in sync, we at Torrey Pines Orthodontics are here to apply a state-of-the-art procedure to effect the necessary correction, safely and effectively. You will feel confident knowing that you ware in the hands of a highly skilled and experienced specialist. And that perfectly describes our San Diego orthodontist.

The goal of the procedure is to restore your normal jaw function. When your jaws are not properly positioned, you will likely experience symptoms like a protruding jaw, problems breathing, an open bite, speech difficulties, and difficulties that are related to chewing, biting, or swallowing. If you have TMJ disorder, this will also be managed with surgical orthodontics. If you notice any of the above indications, the first thing to do is come in for a consultation and examination done by our San Diego orthodontist. As part of the diagnostic process, you will have a physical checkup of your jaws and face. X-rays will be taken to get a close-up view of what’s going on. A medical history is taken and factors such as heredity, relevant injuries, and environmental links will be taken into account. If you have any questions, you should ask our San Diego orthodontist at that time. Surgery is not always the best option, but if that’s the case for you, a full slate of x-rays will be taken, along with 3-D photos. You will even have a chance to view the photos on our computer and see exactly what needs to be done.

Just book an appointment to come in. If you take advantage of surgical orthodontics, you can regain your ability to eat, speak, and even breathe with greater ease. Say goodbye to pain, clicking, clenching, and other difficulties associated with misaligned jaws. Contact us right now.


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